We at Yes! We Can are working to create a better world for the people with disabilities who are marginalized and underprivileged sections of our society. Our main purpose is to incorporate people with severe disabilities. We always planned to organize events in different parts of Delhi and/or India, for the people with disabilities as they are mostly confined to their home and nearby places and some of the individual never get a chance to travel outside due to their severe disability and especially because of economic conditions. The loopholes that we, Yes! We Can as an organization experienced that the society persists some attitudinal barriers towards people with severe disabilities. People without disabilities perceived the notion that they are the patient for life or they are always dependent on their caretakers or parents and will not be able to do anything in their life. We want People with Disabilities to acquire and represent the leadership
quality so that they become self-dependent and exhibit full participation in the society by negating the attitudinal barriers and surpassing the physical barriers. There are two sides of Accessibility, one that the government authorities provide the accessible environment to them and the other that the visibility of people with disabilities is also significant. Our first and foremost objective of the organization is the visibility of the people with disabilities into public sector so that the facilities provided for them
can be used by them and they can give feedback to the authorities as they are the experts of the needs and necessities.