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About Cerebral Palsy

Every case of cerebral palsy is unique to the individual. One person may have total paralysis and require constant care, while another with partial paralysis might have slight movement tremors but require little assistance. CP is partly preventable through immunization of the mother and efforts to prevent head injuries in children such as through improved safety. There is no cure for CP; however, supportive treatments, medications and surgery may help many individuals. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. People with disabilities especially cerebral palsy, have limited upper and lower limbs functions and moderate coordination with the other parts of the body; which is easy to detect. The disability which is easy to detect can be easily pointed out and people started making assumptions about their physical appearance and their interaction with the able-bodied environment. Through this project, we will be able to sensitize and aware of other people without disabilities through visual representation of the world-view of the people with disability and how they are trying to take full participation in society.