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Independent living for Persons with Disabilities
Mobility an Accessible Transport
Providing accessible transport option to PwDs, to play a role in a role in election and Vaccination drive
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Promoting inclusion and empowerment through social celebrations
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About Yes! We Can Trust

Yes! We Can Trust is a registered non-governmental organization working for Independent Living of Persons with Disabilities with special emphasis on Persons living with multiple disabilities working PAN India.

We help people with disabilities to acquire and represent the leadership quality so that they become independent and exhibit full participation in society by negating attitudinal barriers and surpassing the physical barriers.

We at Yes! We Can are working towards creating an inclusive world where disability does not remain just a marginalized section of society but rather becomes an integral and productive part of it. 

About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s movement , motor skills and muscle tone. In most cases, cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage that develops while the baby is still in uterus or during or shortly after birth.

Every case of cerebral palsy is unique to the individual. There is no cure however supportive treatments, medications and surgery may help some individuals.

People with Cerebral Palsy have limited upper and lower limbs functions and moderate coordination with the other parts of the body.


Our accomplishments

In order to achieve independent living, we organize a variety of events and workshops to equip our members with proper skills and aptitude that will help them in facing various situations and  help them in facing various situations and help them in becoming a contribution part of society.

We have been working for inclusion and development of people with disabilities through various events and trainings which includes skill development training of an individual, Changing Mindsets Program, Theatre and Art workshops, Automatic Wheelchair support to disabled individual, Disabled Women rights, Disability right through awareness, Empowerment of people with disabilities through skill training and inclusive activities to provide livelihood for disadvantaged people and marginalized population with disabilities in collaboration with other organizations like Logos Transformation, Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI), Delhi Viklang Adhikar Manch, Swayam, Neutron Computers, British Council, World Vision India, Rise Foundation, Indigo Airline, National Trust, Barry John Acting Studio, Bridgestone and Imperial Auto Industries Ltd.


Project Samrthya

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