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FAQ Section

Q1. How safe is my personal information with Yes! We Can?Q5. How has Yes! We Can India built trust with its donors?
All the data are encrypted and have protected database and separated in a separate file on our desktop.We have complete transparency with our donors and provide them with photos and bills of certain expenditure if they require in any special condition. IF the donation is made towards a particular event.
Q2. How can I contact you regarding my donations?Q6. Do accept donations in kind? Blankets/food etc?
You can either contact us via email or by calling us on
(+91 9811340427), (+91 8377869863), (+91 8700379610)
Yes, we do accept, but you have to deliver it to our office. For bigger quantities, we can provide transportation.
Q3. Are there any tax benefits on donating to Yes! We Can India?Q7. Do you accept donations in foreign currencies?
Yes, for any Indian corporate or MNC or Indian individual residents we have tax benefits under 12A ATG Indian tax act.NO, at present we do not to accept foreign currency.
Q4. Will I get tax exemption certificate for my donation?
Yes, at the end of every financial year you will get a detailed statement and certificate provided you give your PAN CARD, PAN CARD NUMBER and full name.