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Message From Founder/Director

Meenu Mani, Founder & Director, YWC Trust

Warm Greetings from Yes! We Can

We started this group as an avenue towards finding answers to the various real-life questions faced by adults who are living with a variety of disabilities, the questions not only come from individuals but many times it seems as if life itself is asking us these questions in the form of various challenges that are faced by us on a daily basis. It is in this situation that we found the need to have a group such as this, where all the beneficiaries themselves can come together and find innovative solutions through the exchange of their life experiences.
We feel that the journey which we have just started has begun on a very positive note where we not only got support from our own members but from individuals coming from all walks of life – coming forward to join us. I sincerely hope that the next year would be another great year of learning.

Meenu Mani
Yes! We Can Trust.