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Our Achievements And Experiences

We, Yes! We Can Trust have been working for inclusion and development of people with disabilities especially cerebral palsy through various workshops, events, activities, actions and trainings which includes skill development training of an individual, Painting Exhibitions, Changing Mindsets Program, Theatre Workshops, Automatic Wheelchair support to Disabled Individual, Disabled Women Rights, Disability Rights through awareness, advocacy and campaign, Empowerment of people with disabilities through Skill Training and Inclusive events and activities, to provide livelihood for disadvantaged people and marginalised population of person with disabilities in collaboration with other organizations like Logos Transformation, Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI), Delhi Viklang Adhikar Manch, Swayam, Neutron Computers, British Council, World Vision India, Rise Foundation, Indigo Airline, National Trust, Barry John Acting Studio. All projects and programs have been contributing the national and international goals and objectives. Yes! We Can Trust have sound knowledge on development activities, project implementation and management, monitoring and evaluation, cooperation and coordination
among national and international donors, local administration, registration authorities, local community based organizations and development budget control and expenditure
verification, and we know that local culture, religious and social value, participants
which includes people with disabilities especially cerebral palsy; behaviour and atti-
tudes. The Founders of Yes! We Can Trust is much more capable for smooth operation of
the organization and it’s projects and programs because they also have the identical
disability through cerebral palsy like the participants which is convenient for both of
them to communicate with each other without anyone’s help.