Ankit Bisht – February 2022

Ankit Bisht has been a driver just a year before. He was involved in an accident when he lost both of his legs. When he came to Yes! We Can, he was still visiting hospitals for grafting and post-care after his surgery. 

Ankit was very interested in reading stories and making poetry even when driving. He used to sit at night while he was resting, making poems and stories in his notebook.

After receiving his wheelchair, Ankit has started going to multiple job interviews. He has also applied for coaching in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, and also plans to open a business in the future. He has his relative’s support in opening the business, and his paternal uncle has a sweet and snacks business in the area he lives so he had started working there as well after his accident and before receiving his motorized wheelchair. 

He is very active on Facebook and other social media apps for exploring his interest in reading stories. 

He was very happy when he came to Bharat Darshan Event, in May 2022 since he felt alone and no one will be able to understand his condition but when he saw so many PwDs in one place, he had a sense of solidarity and solace that he wasn’t alone in this fight and he still has a good future ahead of him.

For a non-disabled person, it was an extremely disheartening moment when they become disabled at an earning age when their parents aren’t able to be as supportive as they were during their younger time. 

He currently lives with his mother and has attended some classes of Project Pragati (in which Yes! We Can give entrepreneurial and baking skills) as well. He has been an extremely humble and sincere candidate and working very hard in all of Yes! We Can’s projects and gives attendance at all of our events. 

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