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prem mohan – july 2022

Prem Mohan is a candidate for Samrthya-1 Phase-1. He was highly motivated as an entrepreneur. He started buying raw materials on his own by using the wheelchair, as otherwise, he used to buy goods from a middleman who used to charge him extra taking advantage of Prem Mohan’s situation.

He had taken a loan of 20,000/+ for expanding his business. He has since worked tirelessly and in the span of 1 year. He has bought a fridge and started keeping cold drinks at his shop which has increased his sales. 

He has started working on his own after receiving the wheelchair hence increasing his profits and he has now since repaid the loan in its entirety that he took to expand the business. 

He has a great business mindset and he has been planning to buy and set up a printer at his shop as the nearby school students create a great demand for printing and xerox of documents. 

He has been using his wheelchair to buy goods for his shop and also to explore Delhi NCR on his own.

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